To Take An Enemy's Heart

Title: To Take An Enemy's Heart
Author: Yusa
Genre(s): Yaoi, Drama, Historical, Romance
Length: 64 Chapters [Complete]
Description: There's an irresistible lure that leads him to his enemy's heart. The one who contributed the most to the establishment of a new dynasty... he is "Igen" the Bloody Tyrant. His cruelty, of which the world fears, drives him to massacre the Azukun clan in revenge for something that happened several years ago. The only survivor from the clan, a person that suddenly became a traitor overnight is "Kasan," and he curses himself for surviving. He becomes a bath servant for Igen without knowing that Igen was the one who orchestrated his family's massacre. Kasan slowly falls into unknown attraction to Igen, who he thought to be cold and distant.

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