Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Release #66: It's All Begining...

And we all knew it was coming.

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How is everyone today? Hope you are all good. Today I am releasing chapter 22 of Enemy and I am sure you guys have been waiting for it.

Today I return to classes, but I will try to keep a constant schedule of release. Just don't take my word for it... We are trying to finish some projects so we can take some others that we are really interested in (mostly me.... but don't say it, shhhh)and I cant wait for it!

Just know that we are still recruiting! Cleaners and Japanese translators are the ones mostly in demand here right now... Those Yaoi projects in Japanese (including the shoujo) won't be doing themselves sadly =(

On another note, I am glad you guys are liking the website!! Did you guys also liked the reader we tried to do? Its not all fancy and all but i like reading it like that too (all my pages get loaded in one place and if my internet goes away, they are all there still). Also, thank you for the suggestions~ We thank you for it! If you still have one, leave a comment down below and we will get to it as soon as possible (as long as its Okay with us of course).

Thank you~ And Enjoy the new chapter~

PS: Has anyone read in our reader?