Monday, April 10, 2017

Release #65: New Website

And hopefully new beginning... with old projects.

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Hey everyone! Its been sooooooo long! Did you missed me? I hope you did because today... today I'm bringing you a new chapter of Enemy!

We took a long time I know... I know! But part of that is because we were busy, then we started working on a new website because we know you guys didn't like the old one.

We also tried adding a reader on our website some come and read it here! New chapters will be available to read right off the bat! Like it?! Hope so!!! xD

As always, it's a new website so if there is anything wrong, please leave us a message! We are always reading your comments and take your opinions into consideration so don't think otherwise.

There will also not be a reader system here like in the old website. Anyone can download out projects now. We just hope you will also read it in our website and leave us a comment okay? *Wink*

Until next time!